"Buttermilk" has been with us for just about a year. His first foals for us are due in '08. He carries the dilute gene and has dun factor. Depending on mares color he can sire palominos, duns, buckskins, perlinos and cremellos.

We do offer a color foal guarantee . His pedigree contains some of the foundation and cutting greats such as King, Poco Bueno and Three Bars to name a few. Buttermilk has a sweet disposition and is a joy to handle. He has outstanding bone and conformation that we believe will produce great using horses. Check back in '08 to see pictures of some of his foals.


Stars Rollickin Fire AQHA, FQHA, NFQHA

1994 Buckskin Stallion

Sire: Kings Starfire

Dam: Dominos Dusky Dell

Foundation and cutting breeding

He goes to King several times along with Blackburn. Peter McCue, Pretty Buck, Midnight, Joe Hancock and Three Bars TB.

"Buttermilk" has sired some great babies, and TONS of color. He sires mostly Buckskins, Palominos, and Duns.

He carries the Creme gene and the Dun Factor.

Breeding comes with live Colored Foal Guarantee.

Breeding fee: $600.00

Includes Booking Fee First Collection/Shipment, L.C.F.G.

Stars Rollickin Fire AQHA, FQHA, NFQHA

Click on link for more detail description of Stars Rollickin Fire's Pedigree

   Big China King
Kings Starfire  
  Miss Cook 3
   Domino Band
Dominos Dusky Dell  
  Blue Lady Dell

Owner Brandi Escovedo

Shootin' Iron Ranch

Lincoln, CA

(916)645-2710 smokesstorm@yahoo.com

Photos taken by: Linda Rosser




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